Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Projects For The Year

For this year, I have started two projects already and I'm determined to finish these projects until the end of the year.

Last January, I started my being fit project by running almost everyday and attending Dance-Aero-Taebo exercises on Sundays.

Then on this month, I started my reading project by reading at least one book for a month. I'm done with my first book - "Emma" by Jane Austen and I've now started reading my second book which is another classic - "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne.

As the new month approaches, I'm thinking of doing another project. This time, I'm thinking of starting a garden project for the house. It would definitely be lovely to be seeing some greens and flowers in beautiful outdoor planters surrounding the house.
But for this project, I need to ask my father's help because he's good with plants and has a green thumb. I can just assist him with the planting, watering of plants and even in selecting the garden planters.

It would be beautiful too, if I can also place even a single indoor planter to make the inside of our house attractive too.
Before I continue with my planning I must consult my father first if he agrees with my plans.


Irish said...

hello. you requested your site to be added in my site. I already added it. HOpe to see mine up here too. See you around.

jenn_US said...

wow you're on a roll! goodluck on your projects. wish im as motivated as you, hehe.

Gracie said...

Wow, readying for the summer. Hayz, sobrang init na talaga sister. Enjoy the fun of summer but avoid being under the sun too much. It might caused trouble for you. Lam you naman don't want my sistah to get sick again noh. hehehe.

Nga po pala sis, kindly update my Heart2Heart Talk blog here. I migrated to dot com na po kasi. here is my new url for my Heart2Heart Talk blog: Hope you are not too busy para you have time to update. Thanks thanks sistah! Muah!

Rocks said...

a halo-halo is a super treat this summer :) sobrang init na nga february pa much more sa March & April??


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