Monday, February 22, 2010

Done With My First Book

I'm done with my first book for the year.

I made a new resolution this month to at least read one book for each month.

"Emma," by Jane Austen was the book, I'm done reading. I must be honest that I had a difficult time finishing it. Maybe because I have a hard time understanding complex old structured English sentences. :) This novel was written in the 18th century and is considered a masterpiece in English literary.

It reflected the life and times of that period. The role of the woman in the society, the importance of writing letters as it is there only means of correspondence at the time, their form of entertainment.

I don't enjoy the main character here which is Emma, I like Mr. Knightley's role more as well as that of Jane Fairfax' as the suffering lover.

Now that I'm finish with "Emma," I'm now moving on to a book I've started reading in 2006 and never get to finish and it's Jules Verne's "Twenty Leagues Under the Sea."

This time, I'm going to finish this book about Captain Nemo and his Nautilus.

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jenn_US said...

i love to read books as well, Joy, but I don't like the old classic genre haha! i usually find it hard to understand. :) I love mystery, thriller and sometimes War History books interest me. Hubby loves to read too and he's more into History. He currently want me to read Scarlet Letter, it;s a classic but after a few pages I thought I don't like it, it's complicated I guess and I didnt have the right background to understand what's actually going on. But he said it was an excellent book.


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