Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A New Goal For The Year

Because I am able to keep my resolutions for the year with flying colors, I decided to add another one.

I was cleaning and rearranging books on my bookshelf when I noticed a lot of books I've purchased that I haven't read.

My new goal for the year is to read at least one book for the month and because I'm only starting this resolution for this month, I must compensate by reading two books this February.

I am starting my book reading challenge with a classic novel by Jane Austen entitled "Emma."

I'm so excited to discover in December how many good books I'm going to finish reading in 2010!


Vera said...

good luck on your new goal! Do share what you read okay? :)

bambie said...

all the best on your reading challenge sis! =) daddy sent me several books last month, too, but I've yet to start with one. i'm always up late but it's because we practically watch a movie or two every night. :D

Grace said...

Good luck sis! Tell me about the books you are going to read ha. I'm a bookworm myself. LOL! Miss yeah!


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