Thursday, February 04, 2010

January Top E Droppers

Thank you to my top January Entrecard Droppers!

Those in the top ten with 31 clicks on my site are the following:

* Pictures of Despair
* My Outsourced Brain
* The Sweet Life
* Rambling Thoughts in SMK Series
* In This Life of Ours
* Comedy Plus
* Vegetable Garden
* The Soap Seduction
* Jean Squared
* Wirez and Circuit

While checking out Entrecard's statistics, I've learned that placing my e ads on the following sites
merit more visits to my blog.

* iTravel 38 clicks
* Ba-Bootie 25 clicks
* Red Sox Mommy 22 clicks
* A Little Boy's Blog 18 clicks
* We Live To Tell God's Amazing Grace 17 clicks

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