Monday, February 08, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

I woke up really early on the day of my birthday, February 7. The first agenda of the day is to hear mass at Holy Family Church.

For my birthday, my lovedones and I decided to eat out........outside the house by the front yard for lunch. LOL. :) Papa cooked Sinigang while my boyfriend and my brother Paul grilled beef. My youngest brother cooked the buttered mix vegetables. We had fruit salad for dessert.

Here's my solo shot...

My family having lunch outside the house, at the
background is our old pull out bed for disposal :)

We also feasted on my creamy penne pasta which I made and on the Ube Torte that bf bought for me.

Here's a picture of my father with the cake and the creamy penne
inside our house

My brother did not attend their company outing because it was my birthday and he kidded me, saying he wouldn't miss my birthday because of all the delicious food we have.

I was so stuff with all our yummy treats that I wasn't able to eat dinner already.

I had a simple celebration at home but I was so happy because it was in the company of the people I love most. My close friends texted me on my mobile, called me on our landline and left messages here in my blog and facebook account to greet me.

I feel loved and super blessed because of these special people in my life.

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Gracie said...

It's never been too late! Happy birthday sis! Wow, so happy to see you celebrating your birthday to the one you love. Again, Happy birthday and may God shower you His blessings. Take care sis and be happy!


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