Monday, February 08, 2010

Christmas in Hongkong and in Macau

I wish I could say that I was the one who spent Christmas in Hongkong and in Macau; but it wasn't me but my aunt's family who celebrated Christmas in those places.

I was looking through their beautiful pictures at facebook and I can help but wish that I was with them during their trip.

In Hongkong, they spent much of their days trying the countless rides at the Hongkong Disneyland and at night watching the magical fireworks display. Part of their Hongkong itinerary is the endless shopping spree.

While they were in Macau, they stayed in a hotel with a casino. The whole family would go inside the casino and just watch the people trying their luck on the slots and roulette, playing poker or black jack. They didn't try casino gambling but were just at the casino to eat the free sandwiches and drinks offered at the casino and to enjoy the entertainment.

My uncle even dared one of my cousins to sing in front on the stage because there were some sort of a videoke night during the time of their visit. But my cousin did not dare even if she is a good singer but told her dad that next time they visit she will be ready with her performance.

Every time the family will go to the casino , the youngest daughter will be asked for her identification card because she looks too young to be twenty. I'm not sure if an identification card will be needed if its online casino she's trying to access.

They had so much fun at Macau and in Hongkong that as early as now they are planning again to spend their holidays at those places.

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