Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have posted last week that I am planning to create a new blog. But up to know I still haven't come up what kind of a niche blog it would be.

Perhaps, I am confused because there are a lot of topics that interest me. I want the new blog to be informative. I want those who reads it will learn something from it.

Someone suggested that it should be a food blog because she loves reading about food and someone suggested that my opinion about the issues of today can be a good subject for a new blog.

Well, I definitely like food and I must agree that it's one of the things I'm considering. I also like to share something about saving and investing.

I have a some investments in mutual funds and I would like to share how I invested and why I choose to invest my money on it. I know that a lot of Filipinos are not aware of the benefits of investing their money in mutual funds.

Oh well, I'm still not sure what it will be.

Another thing that I'm still deciding on is finding the best provider for my blog hosting This time, my new blog will be on paid hosting.

I have been browsing through the internet looking for paid blog hosting provider that is affordable yet provide quality blog hosting services.

I have to decide already because I want to have my new blog up by next month.


bambie said...

i would love to see you blog about the way you make money, as you said, through investing.☺

btw sis, i've got an award for you:

happy weekend sis!

Vera said...

Good luck in the decisions you have to make. Like Bambie, I'd be interested in the investments you mentioned, financial advice in the real world is certainly very helpful for many. :)

I also hope you start feeling better :)

Oh and while you look for a host, don't go for Philhosting because I had such a headache from them. I am using Dreamhost right now but it might be a little expensive compared to the local hosting available. If you want to checkout dreamhost though, checkout, use the promo code VERABEAR on your sign up and add meas you referrer if you decide to sign up, hehe (web_bear(@)


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