Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Mechanic

My dad has an owner type jeep but he doesn't drive it anymore because he has problems with his left leg. My two sibling doesn't know how to drive and doesn't know anything about automobiles. My father relies on my boyfriend in bringing out the vehicle once a week. Bf checks if its still working fine. My boyfriend knows how to repair some car problems. He knows when it needs to be oil changed and when the head gasket needs to be replaced.

Our owner jeep is already old but I just can't let go of it for its sentimental reasons. It was the first vehicle my father and mother bought together. If ever we will have a Honda Civic or another type of car in the future, I will still not sell our owner jeep. It is filled with so much memories of our family outings.

I'm just grateful that bf is around to help my dad in maintaining our car. He may not be really an expert mechanic compared to the best mechanics working in Los Angeles auto repair shops but he still is our ever reliable on hand mechanic.

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