Wednesday, January 27, 2010


While I was taking a bath at about 5:30 am, our phone rang. In my thought I was thinking who could it be? Usually phone calls at that time of the day means that there is a family emergency.

It turned out that it was my aunt, my father's sister, informing us to tune in at "Unang Hirit, " a local morning show over at GMA 7 because my cousin and her husband's jewelry shop will be featured in the show. Last year also, their shop was featured and it was about the latest in trend when it comes to wedding rings.

When I left for work, the segment about the jewelry shop is still not shown. I hope they upload the video later in facebook or in youtube so I can watch it.

A few months back "Unang Hirit" was supposed to do a feature about my boyfriend's surplus shop but my boyfriend is camera shy so he declined the offer. He don't want to be seen on television. Even when it comes to taking pictures, he wants to be the one taking pictures instead of being the subject of the picture.

I even jokingly told him that if he doesn't want to do the interview, I can do it for him because the show will generate buzz about the shop. But the problem with me being interviewed was I don't really know anything about the shop's operation; I may not be able to answer the interviewer's question. :)

I'm just happy for my cousin and her husband because their shop was featured again, I hope people will visit their shop so that they will have more clients.


shaine said...

That was really nice to be featured on TV.
Congrats to your cousin!

chubskulit said...

goodluck on the businesses! I just became your follower.


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