Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On School Lockers

My office is a few blocks away from the main road so I walk everyday to my work place.The location of my office is near a public elementary school so I always find myself walking along throngs of school kids on their way to school.

Most of the elementary students carry heavy bags loaded with books, notebooks and other school materials.

I pity the small kids carrying heavy loads to school that I wonder if they don’t have school cabinets or lockers where they can leave some school materials that will not be needed for homework.

I remembered that in the school where I attended elementary, we have school cabinets or Wood Lockers where we can leave our work books that we don’t have assignments on. Students in higher grade level where given the privilege of renting their own School Lockers where they can have a personal storage space to leave their belongings.

I share my Locker with another classmate so that if I ever forget to bring the key of our locker I can still open it because my classmate will have a spare key. It’s just funny because most of the time the students have the tendency to misplace their locker keys so the school janitor is busy dismantling the padlocks on the lockers.

Oh well, it’s just something that I remembered while going to work this morning. :)

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Gracie said...

Hello sistah! musta na? About those kiddo na may malalaking bag yan din ang tanong ko sa mga parents dito. Grabe parang lagi silang mag-aabroad. hhehehehe.

By the way, baka gusto mo participate sa google experiment ko sa Thanks sis!


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