Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Saturday Morning

I'm done with all my household chores and it's only 10:00 in the morning. I don't have anything to do except for the gelatin I'm going to make later in the afternoon.

It's only my father and I left in the house because both my brothers are at work today.

With both of my siblings gone, I have the desktop computer all to myself. I have a laptop but we don't have a router yet so its only the desktop that have internet connection. With only one computer with internet connection, the three of us would always have limited time with our internet use.

And because they are both not here, I can surf and watch all the videos I want on the computer today. Yey!

Just took a little break to post this one while waiting for the videos to be uploaded.

I wish everyone a happy weekend!


shimumsy said...

the best way to spend a weekend, peace and quiet while surfing the net. happy weekend sis.

bambie said...

enjoy your weekend sis! unfortunately, i have tons of articles to write today kasi wla ako connection kahapon.

take care!

Mom of Four said...

Wow, at 10AM, all the chores are done? You must be a fast worker, or there are no children in your house. Have a great weekend to you!


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