Monday, January 18, 2010

Going Online

Yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend and I placed some ads on a free online advertisement site. We featured some of the items for sale at his surplus shop in Marikina.

A few hours after putting up the ads, our phone started ringing with calls from clients inquiring about the advertisements.

I'm just amused because they called up our house when in the ads I gave boyfriend's shop location and contact numbers.

I have to check those ads again so that all the calls will be directed to the shop.

I'm just happy because through that site, my boyfriend was able to close a deal already.

I told my boyfriend that the simple ad on the internet produces a sale for his shop.If we could put up our own website for the shop we could attract more clients.

I'm thinking of putting a website that shows the items on sale at his shop, their is an online survey that will help us know the clients preferences and we could send out an email newsletter to the customers to keep them up to date with all the items on sale.

With all my plans for the website and its emarketing side, I know I can rely on the services of iContact. iContact can provide me with the necessary email marketing software, newsletter software and online survey tool for the website. iContact is perfect for small business like that of my boyfriend's because of its affordability.

I'm so excited putting a new website for my boyfriend's surplus shop!


Anne said...

Good luck with the Web site. That is a lot of work but can be really effective.

David DeWall said...

I bet you will be able to help your boyfriend with sales with your web site. Good idea and good luck!

alleo said...

goodluck po sa web and sa business :) God Bless


Gracie said...

Hello dear. I'm so glad to hear that you and your boyfriend has this ads. It will make your sales go up. Send me the site so that I can visit it as well. I am really eager to see it.

Thanks too for the prayers. Yes, hon-hon is ok already. He is actually doing better and so much inlove with me. hahaha.

Good luck to your new website dear. I know it will help your bf a lot.

God bless you dear!


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