Friday, December 11, 2009

Response To Your Comments

Gracie, Bambie, Rocks and Marose left comments on my recent blogs. I'm posting my answers to them here because I just want to express my happiness for all the wonderful words they left on my blog. They made my week extra special.

For Gracie...... Thank you sis for not only posting the awards I gave you but also for all the kind words you said about me in your blog. It really made my day! You are one of the first people I've developed an online friendship with. We will meet soon.

For Bambie.....You are truly one the sweetest people in the blogosphere. I really appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog. I missed you when you did not post for days. And I got worried when I did not read any post on your blog.

For Rocks......I am truly blessed to have met wonderful friends in the internet like Gracie, Bambie and you!

For Marose..... I am grateful because God is truly my healer! Not only for healing me physically but for also healing my broken spirit. Again, thank you for inspiring me to attend the Kerygma Conference.


Gracie said...

Wow! You also made me special. Thank you for being a real friend and real sister. I really wish to meet you in person. Hope you are doing well and will have a happy Christmas. God bless you!

bambie said...

This post is very overwhelming, Joy!:) I wasn't expecting it. You made me feel real special and I don't get that very often. I know we haven't met each other in person yet but I can already tell what a wonderful friend you are inside and out. God bless you always sis!

redamethyst said...

Hi Joy. This makes me special as well. Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on my blog posts also.
btw, I put your link on my blog roll.


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