Monday, December 14, 2009

Lost and Found

Every Saturday my brother and I go to Nepa Q Mart to buy our family's food supply for the week. I would wake up early to check the list of items made by my father so I have an idea on how much money I will have to bring.

Our first stop is to buy our pork and beef. I'll just hand out to the butcher our list, he will compute it and then we'll just come back for our order and pay for it after we have bought our fish, vegetables and fruits. Since, this has been my chore for the past two years, I have a prefered vendor for each item or what we call as "suki."

At the fish stall, I bought half a kilo of matang baka and galunggong for P128.00. I handed a hundred bill, a twenty peso bill and a 10 peso coin or P130.00 for the purchase to the vendor. Our suki gave P402.00 change. I returned the P400.00 extra change she gave me. She said that its 402.00 because I handed to her P530.00. I insisted that I paid her only P130.00 and left her stall.

We then proceed to the vegetable section of the market. After buying all our vegetables, we left what we purchase to the vegetable vendor because I want to buy curtains and bedsheets at the dry section of the market.

I got a huge discount on the curtains and bedsheets I bought. Walking back to the vegetable vendor, I counted my money to check how much I was able to save for the week. While counting it, I realized that I was P500.00 short and that I don't have enough money to pay for the meat I bought. Then I remembered that the fish vendor was right all along, I gave her 500.00 pesos and not P100.00.

I went back to the fish vendor and she happily returned to me my P500.00. She said she knew I'll come back for the money once I've discovered about my mistake. I'm just grateful that the vendor was honest. She could have lied and tell me that, I only handed P100.00 and not P500.oo.

Then yesterday, Bf and I went to Taguig to fix his sister-in-law's personal computer. It was a long travel for us because I'm from Quezon City and Bf's from Marikina. Since we were in Taguig, we decided to go to Market!Market! to buy our Christmas gifts for our loved ones after repairing the computer.

There were a lot of good buys at reasonable prices at Market!Market! Bf bought me a pair of shoes and pants as Christmas presents. After two hours, we were done with our Christmas shopping.

On our way out of the mall, I noticed that the sweater I had brought with me before we entered Market!Market! was missing. It was my favorite sweater because Bf bought it for me about a month ago and it's really pretty!

I knew that I'll be sad going home without it. So, I asked Bf if we could look for it at the shops we have visited at the mall. With the mall jampacked with people doing their shopping, I knew that there was a very slim chance that we're going to find it.

Fortunately, on the first shop we stopped by to ask, the saleslady had my sweater already.

I'm really happy. I said to bf that I 've been lucky the past two days. The money and sweater I have lost have been returned to me. Yipee!

Bf said, I must be careful with my things and money because I might run out of luck the next time around.

On our way home, I pondered on what bf said. I know he said it as a reminder to be mindful of where I place my things and with how I deal with money. He said that I might run out of luck the next time around. And he was right, because people run out of luck.

I should have instead said: "I'm blessed" and not "I'm lucky." I will never run out of blessings because God is the source of all blessings. He abundantly showered each one of us graces upon graces upon graces.

I'm blessed because I was able to deal with honest people in the market and in the mall.


bambie said...

hi sis! first off, i wish you all the best with microworkers. second, i just want to commend for what you said in the last part of your post - you are blessed instead of being lucky. :) it's hard to find honest people nowadays right? but i think what goes around comes around. if you live a good life, it will come back to you a thousandfold. that's why you're blessed. :)

nurseabie said...

It's such a great blessing to encounter such an honest people. I am happy that they have returned it to you. Merry Christmas!


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