Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pacquio's Movie Not Doing Good in the Metro Manila Film Festival

Manny Pacquio's superhero movie "Wapakman," is not doing good in the box office.

"Wapakman," one of the films featured at the annual two week run of the Metro Manila Film Festival only earned P750,000 on its first day of showing.

It can be recalled that two years ago, Pacquio also starred in "Anak ng Kumander," a MMFF entry too and it did not do well also in the box office, earning less than two million pesos.

According to noted director Jose Javier Reyes this happened because " Filipinos adore him Pacquio) as a an athlete, but apparently not as an actor....."

The other films in the festival with their corresponding first day earning are the following:

1. Ang Panday P16.9 million
2.Ang Darling Kong Aswang P16.8 million
3.Shake,Rattle and Roll XI P16.2 million
4.I Love You, Goodbye P11.7 million
5.Nobody,Nobody But....Juan P8 million
6.Mano Po 6 P6.9 million
7.Wapakman P750,000


Shimumsy said...

i don't think those million people who watched his bouts would like to see his movie. you can't have everything...i don't know about politics the second time around.

bambie said...

as much as he is a great fighter, he's not as fortunate when it comes to acting. add to that, one of the villains in the film is the one being linked to him. i guess sympathizers of jinkee didn't watch it.☺

thanks for dropping by my blog sis! vacation was great although very tiring.


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