Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Got Heart 2010 Planner Giveaway

There are a lot of blogs sponsoring contests and promos this time of the year. And the prizes and giveaways are all wonderful.

I wish, I'll win something because I was never lucky in raffles. The last time I won was when I was still in grade school and I won three big cans of Ovaltine ( a chocolate powdered drink, is this still available in the market? ) I was disappointed when I won because I wanted something else but my mom was happy with what I got because we won't be buying that powdered drink for more than a month.

That was the first and the last raffle I won.

I hope this year, I'll win something I really like; like this Got Heart 2010 planner from Got Heart Foundation.

Vera of "Where the Moon Shines," is having a promo and she's giving this lovely Got Heart 2010 planner.

Here are the rules to join and earn a raffle entry in the promo:

1. Visit her blog and leave a comment on her post about the promo, here's the link.
2. Leave a comment about any of her post from December 7 till the 25th and
3. Blog about the promo on your site (5 raffle entries for blogging about it and an additional raffle entry when you leave the url of your post in her blog )

That's how easy to join her promo.

So visit her site.


Mel Alarilla said...

Hi Joy,
Thank you very much. I appreciate that. God bless.

Shimumsy said...

hope you win sis.

Vera said...

You know what, I've never been very lucky in raffles either. So I really hope you win too!

Thanks for blogging about this :)


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