Monday, December 28, 2009

Fish Spa

Do you go to a spa to have treatments? for a facial or a massage and other services? But have you heard of a fish spa?

No a fish spa is not a place for your pet fish to relax but it is a treatment wherein small fishes nibble on your feet's dead skin, calluses and cuticles giving off a soothing sensation.

Tourists, local and foreign alike are visiting Tibiao, Antique to experience this unique spa treatment. What made this treatment different is that for as little as P20.00 for the first ten minutes and an additional P2.00 for each succeding minute you can have a feel of this relaxing fish spa. They also have a student rate, students are charged P20.00 and only a peso for each succeding minute. How affordable is that.

The fish spa in Tibiao is able to charge at a minimum fee because Flord Calawag , a marine fisheries graduate of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, discovered last year a kind of fish from a friend's mountain pond able to niblle on dead skin cell.

As of October of this year, their fish spa were able to serve 2,000 guest since they become operational in June 2009.

With the popularity of the fish spa in Tibiao, Antique they are now planning to expand and start operating in the nearby province of Iloilo and hopefully in Boracay, Cebu and in Manila.

I can't wait to try this fish spa!


bambie said...

Hi sis! I think this fish spa is like the one that's famous in Japan, right? Meron din yata to sa Manila Ocean Park.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling well. May cough and colds tpos on and off yun fever. Nabigla yta ako sa trip namin sa sobrang tagal na cooped up ako sa bahay. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice blog about TIBIAO FISH SPA! We are now open at SM City Iloilo. God bless!

Flord Calawag


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