Friday, November 27, 2009

Kerygma Conference 2009

I'm attending the Kerygma Conference in Araneta Coliseum this Saturday and Sunday.
Kerygma Conference is the biggest Catholic Learning Event in the country and it will be headed by Bo Sanchez. Their will be a mass, healing session, and inspirational talks on how to practically live the gospel.
This year's theme for the conference is "Dream Big, Win Big."
I finally decided to attend about two weeks ago, so when I bought my tickets for the two day event I was suprised to find out that the tickets available were for general admission only. But since I want to participate even if I'll be attending alone I bought tickets for myself. My only regret is not buying much earlier so I can secure better seats.
I'm excited about the conference! It's like my soul is telling me to take a break and have a date with my Lord for two days. It's just like having a retreat, the last retreat I have was when I was still in college.
I'm really happy and looking forward to tomorrow's event. I hope I'll be seated with nice people because I don't have know anyone in the conference.

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Gracie said...

Balitaan mo ako sis dun sa conference ha. I wish I was able to attend kaya lang la budget. hehehe.

Thanks nga po pala dun sa mga binigay mong link. Try ko. Ingat lagi!


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