Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rising Prices

I know that in my last post I'm ranting about my lack of sleep due to the blackouts. Now, I'm complaining about the price and the lack of supplies of commodities in the market today.

I went to Mega Q-Mart this morning to do my weekly food shopping. When I went there, I was greeted by the price hike in meat and vegetables. The meat stall where I regularly get my supply of meat now sells their pork kasim at P170 when a week ago it was just at P160. The pork liempo is now at P180, when a week earlier its just at P170. Beef is now at 185 per 3/4 kilo and a kilo of chicken wings is at P140. I have to buy the chicken wings at a different stall because my "suki" run out of supply of chicken wings.

I was not able to check the prices of other fish and seafood because I only bought a kilo of tilapia which is just P70 and a kilo of big squid for calamari at P75, the small squid for adobo is price higher at P200 when the regular market price is at P170 to P180.

Moving to the vegetable section of the market, I only spend around P300 per week, now I have to shell out P430. I bought two pieces of ampalaya and it cost me P50 already while 1/4 kilo of baguio beans is at P60.

Not only where the prices higher for most food products but their is an obvious lack of supply. The stock of vegetables are withered because most of the suppliers were not able to deliver fresh vegetables.

Typhoon Pepeng flooded several provinces in the north causing farm products to be destroyed and roads are not passable for trucks to deliver supplies that were harvested already.

The price freeze has been ordered by the government but obviously it was not implemented.

This price hike is causing a mess in my weekly budget. I have to cut down on certain expenses to compensate for the extra money I have to shell out for food.

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anne said...

nay ang tataas ng presyo I haven't yet went to grocery Ill check tomorrow wahhh

Vera said...

Tsk. Sana talaga the price control is effectively implemented


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