Saturday, September 12, 2009

Working On A Saturday

I'm here in the office this Saturday morning about to start on my overtime work. I need to encode and print out all the laboratory results needed for release this coming Monday. I was on a rush to finish these paper works yesterday but I was not able to finish it.
I wish I could stay longer in bed specially now that the weather is cold and it's raining hard.
But being here,is not really that bad, as soon as I'm done with this post and finish with my work I can be out of here in no time and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Later on in the evening my family with my grandfather, uncles, aunt and cousins will be meeting each other at Trinoma Mall to celebrate Grandparents' Day and my cousin Krystle's birthday.
Lastly, I really hope that we'll have a better weather, I miss the sun who has been in hiding for a week already and I pity those in the Central Luzon Region who are suffering due to the floods in their areas.

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