Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seven Ways To Happiness

While preparing myself for work, I regularly listen to Bo Sanchez’s* morning show on Veritas 846 AM. “Gabay sa Bibliya sa Radio,” is program on radio where the hosts pray, read a verse from the bible, reflect and do a talk on a specific topic.

This morning, Bo Sanchez is starting a new series and the topic is on finding happiness. He said that happiness is neither an emotion nor a feeling but it is a way of life.

The seven ways to happiness are:

1.Create your own destiny
2.Enjoy and appreciate who you are
3.Nurture your relationships
4.Find delight in everything
5.Embrace change
6.Trust deeply
7.Work on your life's purpose daily

He has just explained this morning what happiness is all about and gave the seven ways to happiness. Each of the said ways to happiness will be explained in details in the coming days. I’m looking forward to these teaching series and I will definitely share here in my blog the things I’ve learned from that show. Or if you want you can tune in every morning at Veritas 846 FM at 5:00 am.

*Bo Sanchez is a Catholic lay preacher, best selling author and main writer of Keryma Magazine, Philippines' no 1 Inspirational Magazine

Thank you to Meryl, Gracie and Stacie, I'm feeling a lot better now.


ruby said...

hello! dropping by :)

Mara said...

Wow, just what I needed. Ways to be happy. Nice post.

redamethyst said...

wow, you are a listener of Bo Sanchez. Do you also attend "The Feast" on a Sunday it is held at Pasig Valle Verde, and Bo have a teaching after the mass.

redamethyst said...

hi. i don't know why I can't leave a message at your shoutbox. Try to attend thin un Feast. Maganda din, and you will be blessed talaga


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