Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting My Monday Right

When my school, University of Santo Tomas lost in the cheer dance competition yesterday, I became upset, sad and irritable. I was such a sour loser that I failed to congratulate my brothers who were both graduates of this year’s champion Far Eastern University.

While dropping entrecards late in the afternoon, I realized why am I upset? I was then reminded that Boyet and I almost met an accident while passing through Sumulong Highway. I was so ashamed to discover that I was fretting over a thing that is not really significant yet failed to focus my attention on something that I should really be grateful for. That realization changed my whole outlook and I have a blissful evening.

So this morning, the start of another work week, I decided I must think of all the goodl things that happened the last weekend to begin a happy day.

These are some of the thing I’m grateful for:

The overtime work I was able to accomplish last Saturday gave me the chance to start a day here in the office without so much pressure since all the tasks for last week has been done.

The chance to meet my uncle, my aunt and cousins with my family and grandfather at Trinoma to eat dinner together and have some bonding time.

The warm morning that greeted me today, it has been raining for a week, that rising from bed with the sun already up and shining is such a welcome change.

The chocolates given to me by Ate Del this morning will satisfy my sweet cravings.

This is indeed one lovely day and can’t wait to see the day’s wonderful surprises.

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