Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peanut Brittle and Piaya

I’m one lucky girl! I received some special treats from my friends!

Before Ate Del left last Friday for Baguio, she asked me what I want for “pasalubong.” I told her I want some peanut brittle. So yesterday, I got my peanut brittle from her.

Peanut brittle is a thin candy wafer made from peanuts, salt, sugar and shortening. These ingredients are mixed, boiled and poured on a thin metal sheet and allowed to cool down. Peanut brittle is one of Baguio’s delicacies. It’s sweet and very delicious.

Another tasty treat I had yesterday were the piaya given to me by Ate Kathy .Ate Kathy’s shared the piaya from a friend who came back from his trip from Iloilo.

Piaya on the otherhand is a flat unleaved bread made from flour, sugar,salt, butter and sesame seeds, very yummy!

It was an afternoon filled with yummy treats for me.


Enchie said...

Favorite kung pasalubong yan. Lalo na Piaya!!!

Femmepower said...

Lucky you.We bought peanut brittle when we were in Baguio.sarap nyan!

Leigh said...

I've never heard of Piaya - it sounds yummy though!


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