Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayer For A Happy Death by President Corazon Aquino

I heard this prayer being said in one of the television shows giving tribute to President Corazon Aquino.

She had written this prayer even before she got sick with colon cancer.

I like the prayer and so I would like to share it with my fellow blogger.

Prayer For A Happy Death

by President Corazon Aquino

Almighty God, most merciful Father,

You alone know the time,

You alone know the hour,

You alone know the moment when I shall breath my last.

So remind me each day, most loving Father,

to be the best that I can be,

to be humble, to be kind, to be patient, to be true,

to embrace what is good,

to reject what is evil,

to adore only You.

When the final moment does come;

let not my loved one grieve for so long.

And let them know,

how much happiness they have brought into my life.

Let them pray for me,

as I will continue to pray for them.

Hoping that they will always pray for each other.

Let them know that they made possible,

whatever good I offered to our world.

And let them realize that our separation,

is just for a short while,

As we prepare for our reunion in eternity.

Our Father in heaven,

You alone are my hope,

You alone are my salvation,

Thank you for your unconditional love. Amen

President Cory, lived life just like what she said in her prayer. May she served as an example for all of us to live life to the fullest each day. Living our lives the best way we can; expressing our love to the people around us and using every blessing we have received from God to give our glory to our Maker.

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Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Beautiful prayer. Thanks for posting and for visiting my blog.


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