Monday, August 31, 2009

Choosing The Best

We are connected! Yes, it was only last week that we had our dsl connection at home.

For years, we were using the dial-up internet connection. But my brothers and I got tired with the slow connection and the inability to download music, videos and games.

The first decision we had to make was to choose whether we will go prepaid or postpaid with our internet services, the second is which internet service provider to choose and of course we have to consider how fast we can connect to the internet and how much we have to pay for the internet connection services.

After reviewing and comparing the services of pldt, smart, globe and sun, we finally got the services of pldt and we were not disappointed.

Now that the issue about internet connection has been settled, I am now trying to decide whether I'll continue with the free web hosting services I have at the moment or go with paid web hosting.

If I have my blog with paid web hosting, my blog will load faster in the internet, I can post more pictures and videos and I can have my own domain name.

But to be honest, I really don't know a lot of things about web hosting and what criteria to set in choosing the best web hosting provider for my needs.

There are a lot of web hosting providers to choose from, and I am grateful that a site like is there to help me choose the best web hosting provider for my needs.

Webhostinggeeks is a site that gives an independent reviews about the different web hosting providers. It list down the rank, the different features and bonus features each web hosting providers give to its clients. Through these reviews one can compare the space, traffic and price of each web hosting provider.

It is important to note that the web hosting provider in its list offer their professional services for less than ten dollars a month, and it comes with at least one domain name and a money back guarantee.

Aside from the review, the site also contains articles to help internet users like me learn more about web hosting. One of the articles I find most useful in helping me choose my web hosting provider is the article on web hosting guide. The article list down the most important aspects of web hosting to consider in choosing the web hosting provider, like disk space and band width, programming tools and OS, pricing aspect, support, security, guaranteed uptime and back ups.

So before signing up and getting the services of a web hosting provider be sure to check first so you can make the best informed decision.

I will definitely be visiting this site often to help me in choosing the best web hosting provider for my needs.


grace said...

Good luck on your hunt for a webhost. Personally i find it tough having to deal with foreign based hosts. But I'm sure you'll find a couple of good ones out there

Prettymom said...

i am also searching for a good web host for the wp blog that I am planning to put up


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