Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catholic Chat City

Do you want to meet and make friends with other Catholics around the world? Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who professes the same Catholic faith as you do? Or do you want to know more about your Catholic religion? Then Catholic Chat City is the chat room you are looking for. Here, in this chat room you will be able to find people who practice the same religion as you do. You can meet, talk and view through the webcam other Catholics from different countries. You can meet other people and have a Catholic Chat. You can talk about what Catholic traditions they are practicing in their country. Do they have Dawn Masses every Advent season just like what Filipino Catholics observed in the Philippines? Who is the Patron Saint of their country? You can even informed them about the events in the Catholic calendar, like it is already the start of the Lenten Season so Catholics are reminded to abstain from eating meat every Fridays for the whole season of Lent or perform other acts of sacrifices if they cannot abstain from eating meat. But aside from religion, you can also chat about other things like family, fashion, food and stuffs with other Catholics. People who wants to learn and know about the Catholic Faith are also welcome in this site Joining this site is free, so register right now at Catholic Chat City and meet new friends.

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karila said...

Thanks for the information...
I'll share it also to my students :)
Smile for you :)


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