Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Cousin's Wedding

It was drizzling a little bit when we(my family with My Tita Bilibot, Tito Richard and my cousin, Butchokoy) left Quezon City for Pampanga last Saturday afternoon. Before I boarded our vehicle I said a prayer and wished that the sun is up and the sky is clear at our destination since the wedding ceremony is going to be held outdoor.

Traffic was terrible from North Avenue all the way to Balintawak, it consumed almost an hour of our traveling time already. But traffic is light at the North Luzon Express Way; we arrived at the LakeShore at four in the afternoon.

It was a good thing that the wedding hasn’t started just yet. Light snacks were still being served for the guests but my family skipped the refreshments and went straight to our own picture taking session to take advantage of the beautiful place and its scenery.

The ceremony was at the pier beside the man made lake of LakeShore, Mexico Pampanga. The stage where the vows were exchanged had the lake as its background. The whole pier was elegantly decorated with pink flowers.

Here’s the picture of the dashing groom, Reynald,clearly the happiest man that day.

The lovely bride, Kate , my first cousin

The groom became teary-eyed when he saw his bride walking down the aisle and almost choked in tears as he recited his wedding vows and the bride was as emotional as well especially in the part where she thanked her parents for their love and support.

Reception was held at the air conditioned white tent near the pier. The audiovisual presentation of the couple’s love story was hilarious and beautifully done and the host for the evening was very competent at his job.

The menu that night was the following: Clam Chowder Soup. Steak ala Pobre, Layered Fish Fillet with Asparagus and Bacon in Cream Sauce, Korean Grilled Chicken, Linguine in Marinara, Linguine in Carbonara Sauce, Braised Beef in Cranberry Sauce; there’s a salad bar, a tempura station and assorted cakes for dessert.

The food was abundant and I must say that the food was really delicious. My favorite was the Layered Fish Fillet with Asparagus and Bacon in Cream Sauce; it was really creamy and tasty.

After all the traditional activities done at the reception like cutting of the cake, the toast for the couple, bouquet throwing and others, the guests dance through the night.

It was a beautiful wedding. Everyone present at the event was happy to witness the union of two people truly in love with one another before God.

To Reynald and Kate, have a blessed and happy married life. Best Wishes!

Here are some of the other pictures :

Me, posing by the lake

The next picture is of my youngest brother, me and my lolo

Me and my other brother

The men of my life, my two brothers and my father


Hazelicious929 said...

I bet it was a lovely wedding! thanks for sharing the photos

Mayyang said...

wow! nice wedding...how romantic naman....

*wish ko ang ganyang wedding for the future..heheh

ingat po :)

Emmie said...

a beutiful day! The bride is stunning! Thank you for sharing the photos :)

Jacky said...

thanks for the comments..

Hi! I'm Grace said...

What a lovely wedding! Special pa ang place. Kinikilig din ako kasi very obvious nga na very happy ang groom. What a love story.
Thanks for sharing the picture, Anne. :)

AiDiSan said...

Hi Joy,

the bride & groom is a beautiful pair and the wedding's venue is fascinating. i am from pampanga and i am aware of the location. in fact my friend is a wedding photographer and most of pre nup pictorials are being held in Lakeshore.

Nanaybelen said...

nice wedding photos

psycha said...

thanks for sharing these photos. The wedding looks well organized and everybody is happy


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