Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Aid For My Personal Finances

Last year, I attended the “How to Be Truly Rich” Seminar by Bo Sanchez, and since then I have been cautious with how I used my money.

I have learned to set aside twenty percent of my salary and divide the money equally between my emergency fund and my wealth fund.

My emergency fund is almost half the goal I have set and once I have completed the amount I can now focus all of my money in creating my wealth fund.

As to my wealth fund, I have invested my money in mutual funds and saving some money on a business I plan to put up hopefully this year or next year.

In my pursuit of putting my finances in order, I continue to read books on money and investments and visit different sites on finances.

One of the most helpful sites that aid people with their finances is helps online user how to choose and make their Online Savings Account. Users of this website can see and compare the different interest rates offered by various banks as well as their various promos and the requirements needed to have a savings account.

This site truly helps people choose the bank with the best rates for their savings, people like me no longer needs to check each of the banks individual website, because the interest rates, promos and requirements for the saving accounts have already been listed in the site.

Aside from savings account, people can also use this website to check the rates of the banks for their Certificates of Deposits (CD). have a CD calculator that can help them compute the CD Rates of their Certificate of Deposits and see how much money it will earn by making use of the Certificate of Deposit Calculator available for use in the website.

By using this Certificate of Deposit Calculator people can compare the different rates offered by different banks and see for themselves which bank gives them the most return for their hard earned money.

This site also features the different Credit Cards by category or issuing bank, so people can choose which credit cards suit their lifestyle. also gives a variety of information on mortgages, auto loans, insurance and personal finance; the site also have various articles in their site on saving for the rainy days, how to protect ourselves from online identity theft, how to invest in a Certificate of Deposits and other topics on finances.

One of the best features of this site for me would have to be the different financial calculator, web users can used to compute for mortgages, credit card payoff, Certificate of Deposit Ladder rates, and on home equity debt consolidation.

Visit this site and you will learn a lot about your finances especially in the area of finding the best bank rates for your savings, certificate of deposits and other investment opportunities.


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Hazelicious929 said...

WOw! share the wealth fund to me ha hehehe

Shawie said...

that's a good thing to manage your money wisely:)


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