Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Road Accidents and Accident Claims

For months now we have witness an increase in the number of accidents involving a passenger bus and a private vehicle. What’s alarming about this is that often times the accidents were caused by the bus driver driving beyond the set speed limit.

The accident along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue last month in the wee hours of the morning could have been prevented if the bus driver of the Jhoanna Jess bus was not racing with another bus driver. The Jhoanna Jess bus rammed into a Mercedes Benz car that caused the car to take a couple of turns and burst into flames and burning the driver of the car alive.

The first day of the this month, we heard the news that an overtaking, speeding provincial bus had a head on collision with a Toyota Revo along the North Luzon Express Way that killed four people and injuring a number of passengers.

Last Wednesday, Zara Lopez, a model and a member of the group Viva Hot Babes had an accident at the South Luzon Express Way. The green Honda CRV she was driving was sideswiped by a speeding passenger bus that overtook her, causing the car to slam into a concrete barrier along that stretch of the road. The bus driver just speeds off after hitting the car as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get the plate number of the bus.

With all these accidents, our bus drivers should have mandatory seminars on road safety and courtesy to prevent deaths, injuries and damage to properties.

Going back to Zara Lopez, she appealed to the passenger bus driver or even to the passengers of the bus to come forward and shed light on the incident. She suffered minor cuts and bruises and also she was complaining that she has a terrible headache, and that her whole body aches as well which could be symptoms of whiplash injury.

Whiplash injury is caused when the head and the neck are thrown backward and forward suddenly and violently and this is commonly sustained in car accidents. Other symptoms of this injury includes: fatigue, dizziness, vision problems, tightness and soreness of the muscles.

Miss Lopez should also consider having herself checked by her physician to see if she suffered such injury and access the extent and location of the injury. And if the driver of the bus has been identified, she should not only file for personal injury claims and damage to property but also file for whiplash injury claims if she suffered such ailment as a result of the accident. Whiplash causes a lot of discomfort and she might not be able to return to work immediately.

The victims in the said accidents deserved just compensations and I hope that they get to work with lawyers that will champion their rights, will understand their predicament, be sympathetic to their needs and win their claims for them just like the lawyers of First Personal Injury.

First Personal Injury are UK based lawyers that help people who have been victims in traffic accidents, or injured in their workplaces and in cases where people are hurt through circumstances that of no fault of their own. They help people make their personal injury claims, bicycle accident claims, whiplash injury claims and other legal claims fitting and just for the person injured.

The lawyers of the First Personal Injury specialize in making accident claims. They have been servicing people in this field for over a decade and they have been considered as one of the leaders in UK’s personal injury law firms.

What’s unique about First Personal Injury services is that they offer no win no legal fee services to people who may not be able to pay for their services. This special service would be of great help to those who are struggling financially especially now that we are experiencing a global financial crisis. It is really expensive and costly to be hospitalized. And after sustaining personal injury due to accidents, it is not easy to go back to work. It takes days to recover and do the normal chores you have to do everyday. Because of this specialization, clients of First Personal Injury don’t have to worry about legal fees but concentrate first on getting well and winning the case.

And since accidents and injuries can happen to anybody it is good to know that there are lawyers in First Personal Injury that can handle the case for you from start to finish. They are not only professional but also friendly as well, making accident claims become stress free, simple but the most important of all you can be sure that you are claims will be successful.

I hope our bus drivers become more responsible with their driving and I must remind my father to stay away from main roads and just stick around our neighborhood when he goes biking to prevent him from encountering buses and having bicycle accidents.

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Anonymous said...

yah..andami ng nadidisgrasya ngayon :(

sana mag ingat naman mga driver lalo na mga bus driver dyan..

ingat ingat nlang tayo and just pray..


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