Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. She had a mastectomy of her left breast and she had undergone all the treatments: chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other medications to battle the big C but in 1996, a month after my high school graduation she succumbed to the disease.

Breast Cancer awareness is important to us women, cancer can afflict anyone regardless of stature, color or race. The disease had claimed the lives of countless mothers, sisters, wives and friends.

According to the research done by the Avon Foundation, globally a woman is diagnosed with the illness every three minutes and every fourteen minutes a woman dies of breast cancer; these figures are alarming. In the Philippines, a Filipina dies of breast cancer every two hours while ten thousand cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year.

The early detection of breast cancer increases the chances of a woman surviving the disease.

Everywoman must be vigilant to catch the disease in its early stage as possible and we can do this by conducting a self breast examination every month, a week after our menstruation.

Here’s a link to a site that illustrates how to perform a self breast exam.

Aside from performing a self breast exam, a healthy lifestyle also helps a lot to prevent breast cancer.

As women, let us protect ourselves against breast cancer and pray that a cure against breast cancer will be developed soon.


Posh Post Reviews said...


oh that is soo old was ur mom then?

i really feel bad about these women's ailments. and yeah, we should all do something to prevent these deadly diseases.

take carE!

Marriage Markers said...

hi dear!

i also went to a wake last night, but the deceased did not succumb to breast cancer but cervical cancer. we have been losing young healthy women over these deadly ailments.

i felt worse when i learned that a big part of her disease was caused by the promiscuity of the husband...tsk tsk...

Nanaybelen said...

I was also once diagnosed for Cancer of the Uterus? but immediately I had undergone A total Hysterectomy so thanks God it did not extend to carcinoma.

mothercares said...

We women need self breast examination always and if we felt any lump we, must have to consult a doctor immediately.

sterndal said...


we have an annual physical exam at work and part of it is the breast examination. i consider it as one of my benefits.

take care of yourself :)


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