Monday, August 11, 2008

Movie Time: The Mummy 3

Boyet and I went to Blue Wave – Marikina to watch “ The Mummy- Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.” It is our first time to see a movie there because we often go to Market!Market! in Taguig for our movie date but we were lazy to travel to Taguig from Quezon City.

Blue Wave’s theater house is okay. The air conditioning system is really cold, the screen is huge and it’s not crowded so we had the chance to choose the best seat in the house. But what disappoints me is that there are only a handful of snacks to choose from. There is only one snack bar which offers soft drink, popcorn, chips and nothing else. We had to settle for a bucket of popcorn and soft drink. I was craving for pizza from Pizza Hut which we usually have when we have our movie date. Next time will buy our snack some where else and just bring it with us as we watch the movie because we will definitely be back there for “Hell Boy.”

The Mummy 3 is as entertaining as the first two installments, the humor is there and the visual effect is still great. But what is missing in the movie that it pails in comparison to the first two is the presence of Rachel Weisz who played Evie O’ Connell in Mummy 1&2. Maria Bello ( the actress who replaced Rachel Weisz for the role ) and Brendan Fraser on screen tandem lack chemistry. And Ms. Maria Bello’s acting tend to border on overacting.

But I will still recommend the film to those who wants to be entertained, laugh their hearts out and see the handsome Brendan Fraser who happens to be my long time crush.

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