Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movie Time Part II : If Only

Aileen, a friend of mine bought a complete series of “Sana Maulit Muli” on DVD. This soap opera was shown on ABS-CBN in January 2007. It featured the love team of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

Aileen was raving about this soap opera for days.

I told her that the plot of the television series is similar to the film “If Only” with Jennifer Love Hewitt as the lead actress.

I informed her that she’ll love “If Only” if she liked “Sana Maulit Muli.”

Aileen bought a DVD copy of the movie and we watched it together last Sunday night.

The film is about Ian and Samantha. Ian is a successful British man who loves his girlfriend Samantha but is scared to admit his true feelings for her. And because of his fear he buries himself in his work. Samantha on the other hand is an American, free-spirited violinist who loves Ian deeply and tries hard to hold on to the relationship.

After Samantha’s graduation from one of Britain’s finest music school, she and Ian had a bitter argument about the issues surrounding their relationship that resulted in their break up. As Samantha’s cab speed away leaving Ian behind, the cab was bumped by another car, hitting Samantha and killing her. The tragic accident was witness by Ian.

Ian was filled with great sadness and regret that he never told her and shown her how much he loved her.

When he woke up the following day, he was surprised and confused to see Samantha in his room that he thought she was a ghost.

He realized that she was still alive and that the accident was just a dream. But as the day unfolds, everything seems almost the same as he had dreamt of.

And I leave the story from there. I don’t want to spoil the ending to those who want to see the movie for themselves.

Will Ian’s love be enough to save Samantha’s life? Will they leave London to run away from death?

The ending of the movie is something you’ll never suspect.

Watch the movie and I’ll guarantee that you’ll love it.

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