Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Extreme Makeover ( Part II )

As promise, here is the second part of my post on the extreme makeover episode I’ve written last week. Last week’s entry can be viewed here.

The new house of the Dolan Family (as expected from Extreme Makeover) is massive, beautiful and functional. It suits the needs of Jaime, the visually impaired father and every member of his family.

The house has high ceiling and spacious room that will give Jaime the freedom to move around the house without bumping into the walls and furniture. It is equipped with the state of art computer technology – through voice activation Jaime can order the lights to turn on/off, home appliances to switch on/off and the computer to read and send e-mail for Jaime. The house also has different kinds of wind chimes in different parts of the house so that each chime emits a different kind of sound that will enable Jaime to distinguish which part of the house he is in.

The eldest son, Charlie has a robotic theme in his room, since his interest is on robots. The child wanted to create a robotic eye for his Dad in the future.

Haley, Jaime’s daughter, loves puzzles and the color pink. The design team created a room bathe in pink paint, with puzzle mural on the wall, cut puzzle pieces on the ceiling, floor and wall, even the bed sheets are printed with puzzle designs and the pillows are puzzle shaped as well.

The youngest son, T.J. has a jungle theme for his room. Stuffed monkeys hanged from the ceiling, elephants and tigers are positioned near the bed. The animals have buttons that one can push in order to hear the sounds of these animals.

The master bedroom of the couple is like a suite in a luxury hotel.

The backyard has a mini golf course so that Jaime can still play his favorite sport with his son.

But aside from the home improvements, the show gave the family other surprises as well: like a college scholarship grant for Charlie and$100,000 money to help the family move on from the tragic incident that happened to Jaime.

So that’s about everything that happened in the show.

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