Thursday, May 15, 2008

Office Blooper

This morning my officemate showed me our office’s water bill for the month.
He got alarmed because it was way too much than what we usually pay. We thought there has been another mistake with the water’s meter reading just like what happened last year. The Maynilad was charging us back then with a very huge amount as if we have a swimming pool inside our office. We complained it to them and they found out that their employee have switched our water meter reading with that of another office.

I immediately called their service hotline to complain about the exorbitant amount
I was even demanding that they sent someone already to our office to check the water meter, there could be another mistake like what happened last year, since we always paid the same amount month after month. If there is a price hike on the water it could not cost as much as what is stated in the water bill. Then the person on the other line asked me to dictate our contract number which I did. He said that according to their records, the amount on the water bill I had is consistent with what we have been paying for the past month and the month before.

Then it occurred to me why I haven’t check yet the bill handed to us last month. I searched for the previous one, there I realized this bill I presently have a different contract number than the old one. Ha,ha, ha, what has been handed to us is not our water bill. The bill had the name of the owner of the place we are renting but has a different contract number. I have forgotten that the neighboring building also belongs to him. Hay, buhay! Panikera kasi eh.

Oh well, at least me and my officemate had a good laugh after realizing our foolish mistake.

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