Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Authentic Lebanese Fare at Meshwe

My cousin Ate Essel has been craving for Lebanese food so she drove all the way from Pampanga with her three sons to satisfy this. Lucky for me, she invited me to try the Lebanese fare at Meshwe.

Meshwe is located at Z Compound 33 Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village Quezon City that serves authentic Lebanese dishes and other Middle Eastern fare. They are open from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Z Compound by the way is like an open food court. There are many food stalls that offer different cuisines so I’m sure there is something that would tickle your palate.

Here’s what we had:

Chicken Tenders with Rice - Chicken Tenders, Bukhari Rice, tomato slices served with yogurt mint sauce and chili garlic sauce

Meshwe Platter - Pita chips, Sambousak and Arabic Fries with three types of dipping sauce: garlic sauce, harissa and chili garlic

Chicken Shawarma Rice - Chicken Shawarma, Bukhari Rice, tomato slices served with yogurt mint sauce and spicy tomato salsa

Beef Shawarma Platter - Pita bread, Arabic fries, Beef Shawarma, tomato slices served with yogurt mint sauce and tahini

Everything tastes delicious. I especially liked the garlic sauce and the yogurt mint sauce. Now I don't know if the dishes served were really authentic because it was my first time to try Lebanese food. If this is how good Lebanese food are then I can't wait to try other Lebanese dishes.

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Ava Chisholm said...

I LOVE Lebanese Food!
Everything Looks So YUMMY!


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