Thursday, June 07, 2012

San Fabian Beach in Pangasinan

Right after visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, our tour group had to go to San Fabian, Pangasinan for our lunch.  It was almost an hour travel to go to San Fabian Beach.  We passed by charming old houses, one dating back as early as 1936, cornfields, and the beautiful San Fabian Church.  Too bad I did not take pictures.

Our bus was the first to arrive at the San Fabian Beach PTA Beach Resort because the other buses got lost.  One of the buses went as far as La Union already.

The San Fabian Beach is the favorite hideaway of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.  The once private rest house of the president was turned over to the Philippine Tourism Authority and became opened to the public under the name San Fabian PTA Beach Resort.  The management of this resort is now handled by the local government of San Fabian.

San Fabian Beach has a very inviting long stretch of gray sand beach  that extend from Barangay Nibaliw West to Barangay Bolasi, and has clear waters of the Lingayen Gulf.  A perfect place to swim on a very hot summer day.

The weather turned from Sunny to Cloudy when went there.  As soon as we left the beach, it stated to rain

My brother loves to pose for me :)

You can spend the night at San Fabian Beach PTA Beach Resort and you may even have the suite that President Marcos and his family used to stay in.  Aside from cottages, there's a dormitory type and hotel accommodations at the resort.  There's a swimming pool in the hotel area, but it's off limits for those who are not check-in at the hotel.

This beach is historical too.  The Japanese Imperial Expeditionary Forces of General Homma landed on this beach during World War II in 1941.  Later this beach became the base of the Filipino-American Liberation Forces.  A Filipino-Japanese Friendship Memorial has been built here.

I just wish that the local government do some improvements on the resort like repainting the buildings, cleaning up the beach and adding more shower rooms.

San Fabian Beach in Pangasinan is worth the visit for a summer escapade.


Enchie said...

I was still in highschool last time I went to San Fabian. Nice to see the ebach again.

Tammy said...

That's a beautiful beach.

unikorna said...

Even in spite of the looks astonishing. Lovely photos congrats :).


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