Monday, February 13, 2012

Nanay's 69th Birthday!

Last February 6, 2012 was the birthday of Tita Norma, the mother of my boyfriend, but because everybody has work or classes on that day, her children decided to celebrate it a day in advance which was February 5.

My boyfriend fetched me from my house at around 12:30 pm that day, and we went to the mall first to buy cakes and a gift for Tita Norma or Nanay (as she is lovingly referred to by her grandkids and children).  After our mall trip we went to their house in Marikina.

The grandchildren of Nanay were the ones who prepared the food for the birthday.  We had chicken cordon bleu, fried chicken, lumpiang gulay, and calderetang baka for lunch.  For merienda, we have  mocha chocolate cake, chocolate cake, brazo de mercedes which was my gift for Tita, Catedral which was from Boyet, hotdog with marshmallows and Spaghetti.

I ate too much that day because all the food were really delicious, and I had  sweet treats overload from the cakes.

I had so much fun playing with my boyfriends's nephews and nieces at the village park just in front of their house.  We played in the seesaw and slide, and I feel like a kid again that day.

The highlight of  Nanay's birthday was the surprise gift from Ate(my boyfriend's sister) which was a Cherry tablet.  Nanay loves to play on Ate's Apple Ipad but she have to wait in line because everyone in the house loves to play on it.  Nanay would stay up late playing games on the Ipad, so Ate decided to give a Cherry tablet just for her to play on.  She was so happy when the Ipad was handed to her.

I love being with my boyfriend's family.  They are kind, happy and very loving people!


unikorna said...

a cute blog award for you on my blog. kisses.

unikorna said...

and Happy Birthday to Nanay, :)


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