Friday, December 16, 2011

Selecta Hershey's Heath Ice Cream Surprise

Last week I joined Patty Laurel's blog promo for Selecta Hershey's Heath Ice Cream Surprise.  The mechanics of the promo were the following:  write in three sentences the story of the person who inspires you the most, and you think deserves the ice cream surprise, then write the name of that person and his/her address as well as the time when it will be delivered.

My father is the first person that came into my mind upon reading the instructions, and I know that he will be surprised if he received the Selecta Hershey's Heath Ice Cream because he loves ice cream. Remember in my post last September that he and I bonded over ice cream at an ice cream parlor near our house.

Contests or promos are never my thing. I never win anything; except for the one time in grade school when my name was called out to win three big cans of Ovaltine from a raffle. But then I still joined the promo knowing that I will not lose anything by joining.

So I excitedly checked my email to see if I win early Monday morning because that was my preferred date of delivery, only to be left disappointed. I told myself" you really never win any promo." Oh well, it was a good try though.

Then I get a big sweet surprise when I received an email last Wednesday from Selecta telling me that there has been some problem with their logistics but that they will be delivering the ice cream soon.

Yehey!!! Free ice cream baby!!!

Last Thursday, a Selecta ice cream truck came to our house and brought this to my father:

two 1.5 Liter of delicious Hershey's Heath Ice Cream

And my father loved it. He had two servings of this as soon as it got delivered. He did not wait for me any more to be home from the office.:) But more than the ice cream which he really loves, I guess he was happy because I told him that I win it for him because he's the number one inspiration of my life.

My father is my hero because he has been a mother and a father to me and my siblings since my mom passed away fifteen years ago. He never tires of taking care of us, and he prepares the best baon for work in the world for me everyday.

Hershey's Heath ice cream is divine. Why wouldn't it be?  It's made by Selecta. It's vanilla ice cream  loaded with yummy Hershey's Heath English toffee chunks and lots and lots of chocolate syrup :) How's that for an ice cream.

I got two of this for dessert last night. But who can resist an ice cream this good? 

Thank you Ms Patty Laurel and thank you Selecta for the sweet ice cream surprise!

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