Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bonding Time With Papa

My dad loves ice cream!  I believe that I can bribe my dad with anything with just a pint of ice cream. :)

I was at the ice cream parlor a few Sundays ago with my boyfriend and I just realized that I can bring my father at the ice cream parlor for our weekly dates.

Yes, date my dad and bond over ice cream which he really loves. I know this simple act is something that will show him that I love him and that I really appreciate everything he has done for our family.

So a few Wednesdays ago, my dad and I have our first date and we had a banana split. We ate ice cream while chatting about many things. I told him afterwards that we'll  have ice cream dates every week and try all the ice cream offering at the ice cream shop.

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Eric Graham Conversion Doctor said...

It's been a while since I haven't go out with my parents. Though for any occasion we can get together, but because of busy schedule, we have no spare time to go outside.


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