Friday, July 22, 2011

Help For Addicts

Illegal Drugs are a menace to the society. It has destroyed countless lives and affected millions of families. It is a problem that continues to plague our society and still hasn’t been solved by governments around the world.

According to a pamphlet handed over to me by a drug testing company representative, that from 20,000 illegal drug users in 1972 their numbers have increased to 1.8 million “regular users” in 1999 and about 1.6 million “occasional users” in 1999. These statistics are very alarming! I wonder how many illegal drug users are there in the country now.

Other facts mentioned in that pamphlet is that “marijuana” or tetrahydrocannabinol and “shabu” or methamphetamine are the most commonly abuse drugs in the country.

Another information I have gathered from the internet said that there are about 60,000 young people in the country are suffering from drug addiction. That the most common reasons for getting into drugs are: curiosity, peer pressure, family problems, escape from traumatic experiences and ignorance of the real and dangerous effects of illicit drugs.

Drug addicts need help before these illicit drugs claim their lives. They need to be check into drug addiction treatment centers and get the treatment they need to rid themselves of this addiction.

If you’re friend or relatives are suffering from drug addiction it is important that they get into rehabilitation centers the soonest time possible. In the Philippines, you may check the Department of Health website for list of accredited drug rehabilitation centers and in Missouri you may check the drug rehabs in Missouri and other Missouri drug addiction treatment center through

I pray that this deadly vice will stop in the country and that help may be given to the drug addicts.

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Angela said...

Drug addiction has afflicted my family for many years. People who choose drugs to cope with their problems make me sick.


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