Thursday, May 05, 2011

Renewed Interest In History

Philippine History was my favorite subject in Elementary and in High School. Memorizing historical dates, events and people was never a problem. I don't know but I love to know the story of what happened in the past and learned from it.Since I took up a Science Course in College, my interest in History took a back seat and I concentrated more about life sciences.

But these past few months I've regained my interest on it and I've been visiting a lot of historical places around Metro Manila. I am so much amazed by the things I've learned while visiting these places. I have this great sense of pride knowing about the courage of Filipino Heroes who did everything they could so that they could secure the freedom of our nation.

Aside from visiting museums and historical landmarks, I've been fortunate to have stumbled upon so many blogs who shares this same interest as I have.

I have so many stories and pictures to share but I just don't know yet how am I going to start and where I am going to start. :) I'm even considering putting up a separate blog about it. Since my two blogs have been on free web hosting, I am now considering getting managed hosting services. Through managed hosting, I don't have to think about my sites' servers, making back-ups or setting up patches because an expert will do all these things for me. But managed hosting and even colocation may be too much for my simple blogs because this services are more profitable for businesses websites. But who knows I might need these services in the future when I put up my own business website for my own travel company that specializes in touring people around the Philippines' historical places.

I'm so excited about my next trip to another historical landmark in the Metro within the next two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

That's good to hear that you have this passion for revisiting our history through historical landmarks. I haven't done that yet though I've visited a lot of Philippine historical landmarks in the past.


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