Friday, April 08, 2011

Investing In Gold

One of the things I've learned from our church's teaching series on money is that I should allot 10% of my income on tithing, 20% on investing and savings and that only 70% should go to my expenses.

The 20% on investing is to prepare me for my old age. I know that the pension I'm going to received when I'm retired from work will not be enough to provide for my old age. So as early as now that I'm in my thirties I've invested my money on mutual funds.

I'm still doing some research on investing directly in the stock market through the internet and I hope I will be able to do that this year.

I'm also curious about investing in Gold IRA or in Gold Individual Retirement Account. IRA gold is the type of investment where one place an investment in physical gold. Many people are now transferring or converting their pension plans or 401K to gold 401k. 401K Gold is a solid investment vehicle because it is not affected by war, inflation and other forms of political and economic woes. It continues to grow in value over the year, that's why gold is considered a "crisis commodity."

If you have pension plans and you wish to have a gold IRA transfer this can be readily done by talking to registered brokers or through investment companies.

But before investing in gold or in other investment vehicle be sure that you have sufficient knowledge about investment because these are hard earned money that you will be using for your investment.

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Sinisa Janicijevic said...

It`s very informative article. I`ve never considered the idea of investing in gold. I have to do my own research before I decide to invest in Gold IRA and Gold 401k.


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