Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

After my appointment with my doctor last Saturday and doing some Christmas shopping my brother and I tried out Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria.

I always passed by this establishment everytime I go to SM Cubao Savemore for grocery but never had the chance to try it because I don't want to dine alone. So when my brother accompanied me for shopping I suggested we try Joey Pepperoni.

Alfredo Pasta

Pesto Pasta

Pizza Margherita

My brother tried their Alfredo Pasta while I had the Pesto Pasta then we both ate the Pizza Margherita. He liked his pasta and he sampled my pesto pasta and enjoyed it too. I don't think there's anything special with their pasta. The Alfredo pasta has an overpowering buttery taste while the Pesto pasta tasted liked grass. The Pizza Margherita saved the day because it really taste good even if it has tomatoes and basil as the basic ingredients. It's thin crust is crunchy and is really yummy.

We were the only customers at Joey Pepperoni at eleven in the morning yet the service is too slow. It took fifteen minutes to have the pasta served to us and we were already finished with our pasta and waited for more than five minutes before we get to taste the pizza.

I hope they do something to improve their service. I might give Joey Pepperoni one more time and give their other pizzas a try.

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