Friday, November 26, 2010

Dreaming Of Our Own House

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to Antipolo City to meet up with a real estate broker. We scheduled an on site tripping to the proposed village this broker's company is building and see if there is a possibility of making an investment in that place.

I have high hopes about the site tripping and the previous week before the said date I was dreaming of having a house with our own house mailboxes with my future husband in that area. I could picture myself bringing in our own furniture, putting up curtains and painting our wall mount mailbox outside the house.

But that dream is still a dream because the house tripping is a disappointment. In the brochure it says that it's just merely fifteen minutes from Shopwise Antipolo but in truth it took us almost thirty minutes to be there. The village is too obscure there's no hospital and supermarket near the place. The road leading to the place is still dirt road. The agent told us that a number of people were living in the village already but there's only a few constructed houses with wall mount mailboxes outside.

I guess we are back to house scouting again and hopefully the next agent and house trip will be a success so that my boyfriend and I can have our dream house with wall mounted mailboxes soon.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Dream big!! you'll never know what life maybe next time. Maybe you're a big time. Just have faith dear:)


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