Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writing Assignments and Neobux

Paid writing opportunities are very rare for this blog for the past three months. So, I'm really happy that I have one writing assignment waiting for me when I opened my email. I'm saving all my blogging money for the last quarter of the year and I intend to invest it all in my mutual fund this coming December. I'm keeping my fingers cross that I'll reach a hundred dollar. I'm only $39 short of my goal. When I'm done with this paid post I only need $29 to complete my $100.00

Aside from this writing assignment, I was so surprised to discover that someone click my neobux banner, I now have a direct referral under me. I have this widget on for a year already and this is the first time I have a direct referral. This means I'll have two cents for every 4 clicks he/she made. I know that is isn't much but it's still money in my neobux account.

Neobux is a pay per click site. You get paid for every advertisements you click in their site. I've already made $25 from this site and I requested for a $12 pay out last Saturday and I already received the money on the same day.

So if you want to earn through neobux, just click my banner on the upper right part of my blog.

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o0jopak0o said...

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