Sunday, September 19, 2010

Walking On A Sunday

I used to run at the Marikina Oval Track and Fields or at the Quezon City Circle every Sunday and around our vicinity almost every day at the start of the year. One of my New Year's Resolution was to be more physically fit and to be able to finish a 5 kilometer run by the end of the year.

But all preparations for that goal had to stop because I became ill and things became so much stressful.

I love running and I'll still have to wait and see if I could go back to this favorite activity of mine.

When I stop running, I also stop all forms of exercise so I know that my body badly needs to exercise. And because I wanted to take things slowly but surely I asked my brother if he could be my walking partner.

My brother and I woke up at 6:00 am and decided to walk around our neighborhood and at a nearby village for exercise. I was so excited to take out and wear my running shoes again even if all I'm going to do is brisk walking.

It just feels so good to exercise because you know that you're doing something good for your body and as you sweat you know that your skin is excreting all those toxins from your body.

It has been a while too since I've visited the village near our place. There are a lot of beautiful houses up for sale. One of the houses I like best is the one with a zen garden in front of the house. It is so pretty. I'm not planning to buy a house but I'm curious about how much it cost. I should ask the realtor for his realtor business card and asked about the house.

After walking, we headed to the local bakery store for some hot pandesal for breakfast.


Grace said...

Hello Sis, thank you for dropping by at my site. Sorry din di ako nakakadalaw dito. Been busy with IMG po kasi kaya most of the time talaga nasa labas ako ng house. hehehehe.

I was trying to call you nga po dun sa globe na binigay mo kaya lang di ako makaconnect. I'm not sure why. I was worried din na wala akong balita bout you. But I'm really glad na ok ka na sis. I hope to chat with you one day.

Pagaling ka sis and God bless you. Muah!

Ingat po lagi!

Winstrol said...

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