Monday, September 27, 2010

A Healthy Weekend

A Healthy Weekend

For the past Saturdays, I have been undergoing acupuncture treatments at a clinic in Quezon City.

Ever since, I tried this alternative form of medicine my energy level has markedly improved as well as my digestion. It has also lowered my stress.I always go home from treatment relax and recharged.

But for next Saturday, I did not reserve for a slot with my acupuncture clinician because I signed up for the Qigong classes also at the same clinic.

Qigong classes incorporate meditation and breathing exercises. It aims to quiet the mind and to release fear, worries and other negative energy.

I know that most of the maladies I’m experiencing right now is because of my stress. I feel that a lot of things in my life are out of control and I’m constantly worried and frustrated. I really need to quiet my mind and that’s the reason I’ll have Qigong classes.

I’m so excited for next Saturday!

After my acupuncture, I together with my friend went to the barangay hall in our community. Anlene Milk is sponsoring a free bone scan on the constituents of our barangay.

Aside from the free bone scan, there’s a consultation with an Anlene representative about the result of the test as well as free taste of Anlene milk. Anlene milk products are being sold too at discounted prices.

Because I take calcium supplement every day, my bone scan result revealed that I’m at a low risk of developing osteoporosis. Yehey ! for the good habit of taking calcium.

And then on Sunday, my brother and I continued with our brisk walking every Sunday morning. We increased our brisk walking session from thirty minutes the previous week to an hour this week.

My diet for the past weekend consisted of chicken and a lots of vegetables.

I’m so happy sticking to my healthy diet and regimen.


dondi045 said...

Is it painful when the needle touches your skin? I am really interested about it. But so scared to try acupuncture.

joy said...

no, its not painful at all. after your acupuncture treatment, you'll feel super relax and recharged. so give it a try.


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