Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July has not been a productive month for my blog. I wonder is it because this month has been a boring one that I don't have anything special to share? Or is it because I don't have any writing assignment to finish?

The whole month of June and the first two weeks of July, I would be either in a doctor's clinic or I'm in a diagnostic laboratory subjecting myself to various medical procedures. I still had another appointment with my pulmonologist two weeks ago but I did not have myself check because I'm having issues with my doctor. I think that she had rush with her diagnosis giving me medicines to take without even subjecting me first to the standard laboratory exam. After the medicines was given, that's when she ordered the diagnostic test and it turned out I was negative for the exam. I feel bad because I was taking a medicine for something that I'm not sick off.

I'm tired of seeing doctors for the meantime and even if I'm not yet feeling one hundred percent better, I'm taking my time off to relax and not stress about my health. I actually enjoyed the last two weekends just staying in the house and doing the normal routine I did before I got sick and have myself in and out of the hospital clinic. I'm still in the lookout for a new doctor who will really listen and someone I can trust because the last one was really a big disappointment.

Paid post this month has not been numerous unlike in the previous months. I only had one. I always check my email to see an assignment from my favorite sponsored post provider and I was so suprise to see that I had one from them so that makes two for this month. Anyway, I still have four more days before the month draws to a close perhaps another assignment will make its way to me. :)


jenskie said...

hi! i share the same disappointment, this month is so terrible. I lost my pagerank hu hu hu... :( i am so sad


Nhil said...

I also went through those dry times, with little to no assignments at all, I just maintain the rest of my blogs to keep my blogging blood flowing.

I hope you get to have some more assignments soon. :)


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