Saturday, June 19, 2010


Do you have a blog and you want to increase your blog readership? Do you earn much from the Google adsense and Amazon ads on your blog?

If your answer is yes than hop on over to! is a popular blogging community that helps you increase your blog's popularity through increase readership and helps you earned more from your Google adsense and Amazon ads through revenue sharing.

When you add your blog through the add your blog feature of YouSayToo all new posts you made from your blog will be imported to YouSayToo site as well. So your article will be published not only on your blog but in YouSayToo site too along with the Google adsense orAamazon ads. This means additional exposure to your blog and its content plus when you used YouSayToo Search Engine Optimization your blog will rank higher in the SEO, more traffic will be generated to your site. More traffic to your site means more chance for people to click on your Google adsense and Amazon Ads.

Joining YouSayToo is for free and registering at their site is very easy.

Aside from adding your blog to their site, other things you can enjoy at YouSayToo is playing the games posted at the site like the monkey defense game or reading interesting article from other blogger like you "How To Find A HUD apartments for rent.

So hop on over to YouSayToo and be part of this wonderful blogging community.

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