Wednesday, June 09, 2010

When Are You Getting Married?

I'm thirty one, single but in a relationship and I don't get it why my relatives and other nosy people have to ask often why I'm not yet married? As if that is not enough they would give me a litany of reasons why I should be married and should start having babies.

I know that most of those who asked means well but it gets so tiring having to explain why I'm not yet married.

I don't know why there is that extra pressure to be married and have kids once you hit thirties?

I don't want to marry in a rush just because people expects me to be settled at a certain age. People get married because they are financially, emotionally and mentally stable to get into that lifelong commitment.

Although, I'm not looking for a lifetime partner because who I am with is the one I want to spend the rest of my life, there's still areas in our lives that needs to be fixed first before we embark on our journey together.

So for the meantime please stop asking when I'm going to be married.


bambie said...

amen to that sis!

hay naku. at 33, the fact that i'm single and don't have a bf is like a big sin sa ibang tao. kakaasar na minsan....

Gracie said...

Hahaha! Naku sis, same feelings. I don't know why they can't wait na ako un magsabi na I'm getting married. They just don't understand me. LOL!

By the way, dun sa mutual fund sa FAMI ko balak mag-invest. I'm just waiting for the maturity nung SDA ko. I'm excited nga eh kasi mas malaki pala talaga un sa mutual fund. hehehe. Wish me luck sis!

Miss you!

Gracie said...

Thanks for the comments sis. By the way about dun sa question mo sa smart. Actually primary target talaga nung LMSM is current smart loader. Kasi ang concept talaga nito is offering a livelihood program dun sa mga smart users. So kung smart users ka na mas maganda. You can also earn from smart hindi lang un ikaw ang bigay ng bigay ng pera sa smart in exchange for the load.

I think I sent you a copy of the presentation materials. Not sure lang kung natanggap mo. Anyway, if you don't and if you like to know more about this just let me know.

Sa mutual fund, I have seminar sa Makati ngayong hapon pero I'm sure marami pa rin akong tanong kaya humanda ka ha. hahaha.

Thanks sis, I will really ask you incase may hindi ako magets sa mutual fund.

shimumsy said...

been there sis. i did not hear those questions anymore when i moved here in the u.s.

jenskie said...

count me in! nakaka preasure at nakakairita ung ibang tao... feeling napag iiwanan na tuloy ako :(


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